Transform Your Outdoor Space with These Options for Outdoor Furniture Singapore

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For the past few years, Singaporeans have seen significant lifestyle changes as they take keener interest in furniture singapore for outdoor spaces. This really doesn’t come as a surprise, thanks to the ever-growing industry of eco-friendly houses and buildings. With the combination of the aesthetics of greenery landscape, building and home owners are now falling in love with the design of different pieces of outdoor furniture pieces that go well with the feel and look of their living areas.

As more and more condominiums rise in almost all parts of Singapore and with most hotels starting to give their landscape a total overhaul to attract guests, a very common and prevalent aspect is the use of outdoor furniture to complement the overall landscape designs. Read on to know the most common types of outdoor furniture Singapore that can now be seen in buildings and homes across the country.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Cushion Fabric
Cushion fabric outdoor furniture requires the most maintenance out of all types of outdoor furniture. Since there is a tendency for fungi to grow on cushion fabric when left under the elements for a long period of time, it is recommended that you regularly maintain and clean these pieces. The best thing about cushion fabric outdoor furniture is that there is an extensive variety of available colors, allowing you to change the fabric to create different looks with no need for you to replace the entire furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Rattan
This type of outdoor furniture Singapore is the first thing that often comes to mind every time you hear the phrase outdoor furniture. This has been around ever since the beginning of the industry and it is also very affordable.
It might be a bit of chore to maintain these pieces every day since these are not really appropriate for long term rain exposure because the material is not water resistant. It also requires some effort to get rid of dust and sand particles that accumulate in rattan.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Stainless Steel Mix 
This outdoor furniture type is a fusion of wood and metal to gain the durability and strength of these two aspects. These furniture pieces are often small enough and relatively light that make them perfect for tiny alfresco dining areas.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Teak
Teak outdoor furniture is made from one of the strongest types of wood and can be typically seen in outdoors because of its sustainability and durability. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is also strong enough to endure heavy weights. The eco-friendly advocates will also love these furniture choices as these are made from recyclable materials and can be refurbished into timeless pieces.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Wicker
Wicker outdoor furniture is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. These outdoor furniture pieces are also affordable and available in many different sizes and shapes that make them suitable for various landscape designs.
As building and home owners create more wonderful living spaces, there will definitely be a rising trend and demand for outdoor furniture Singapore.