Tips On How You Can Motivate Your Child To Learn Better Outside Tuition Classes

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Motivation time and again has proven to have several positive effects on children’s learning capabilities and behaviour. Motivation increases the initiation to a particular activity and then directs them towards a particular goal. It is an orientation towards learning and very important to help children find success in academics. Even though schools and home tuitions might serve as a child’s primary source of learning, their learning must not be confined within the classroom.

In recent years, MOE in Singapore is actively trying to enhance the learning experience for children by implementing methods for children to learn beyond the traditional settings. Having access to online resources so that children can develop interest in their choice of fields is one method to improve the child’s learning experience. So, how can you as a parent support your child to learn better outside classrooms. FamilyTutor, a leading private tuition agency in Singapore has come up with proven working tips for parents to help their child learn better outside the classroom.

Recognise The Child’s Achievements- Regardless Of How Small Or Big They Are

It doesn’t matter if any person is a child or an adult, everyone likes to be recognised and acknowledged for their achievements. It is heavily advised to incorporate a positive attitude and mindset for a child from early years and one of the best ways to do it is by recognising their achievements, small or big from an early age. This also improves the child’s confidence levels and self-esteem from early years.

Encourage Open Communication

Teaching a child to communicate often is a crucial part of their development. Encourage the child to talk about their experiences in school and in tuitions so that they are comfortable in communicating with others. By creating an open atmosphere you will be encouraging the child to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas, which will play a significant role in their future.

Take Their Interests Into Consideration

By creating an open atmosphere for the child to express their interests, it is also a good idea to understand and acknowledge their interests for their career. After learning their interests, be supportive towards them so that the child can like what they are interested in.

Display Interests In What They Love

When you discover what your child is passionate about, display interest in it and support them towards it. Not only will it make them happy, it also encourages the child to do what they love. Your enthusiasm towards their passion makes them give their best to make their dream come reality.

Collaborate With Their Home Tutor

In order to make the best of the learning capabilities of your children, it is necessary to have frequent communication with their home tutors. Discuss your child’s interests and passion with their tutors so that the tutors can help them in the best way possible. Personalized tutors who cater to the child’s needs teach the subjects in the way the child is most comfortable with and also serve as a mentor for the child’s personality development.

Learning must never be confined to a classroom or a tuition. Learning should take place throughout a person’s life and it starts from childhood. Having a strong foundation with a positive personality and outlook makes the person achieve a lot in their future. So, it is very important to encourage children to have a positive personality by acknowledging and appreciating their achievements.