Self Improvement Tips

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Share your universe with your loved ones. Motivate others to do that which they lack the courage to do, even if you yourself need the motivation. You may think that you should be selfish in the blessings or the wisdoms that you receive. Or you may think that you do not deserve to help others or share what you have with them because of your own faults. Of course, you have your faults. But of course, you cannot grow and learn by yourself, separated from others. Help, share, enlighten others. In the teaching, you will be learning. In the giving, you will be receiving.

Be careful what you think about. Every thought is a seed that is planted in the quantum plenum of the Universe. When enough attention and energy is given to that thought, or other similar thoughts, it will eventually appear in your life as an event, person or object which is directly or indirectly related to that thought, when you least expect it.

Sometimes, it manifests in the action which you’ve decided to take, deliberately or not. You can, however, learn how to control these coincidental ‘thought-appearances’. But thinking with all your might cannot compare with taking deliberate action towards what you constantly think about.

Thought without action is powerless. You cannot plant a seed into the ground, expecting a tree to grow out of it by nurturing it only with your well-wishes and kind words, you must water it and allow sunlight to nourish it. Action without thought is reckless.

How many rituals have you performed in your life in which you have simply gone through the mechanical motions without yielding any insight, result or wisdom out of it for you? Thought must lead to action and action must lead to habit. Habit shapes character and character forges destiny.