Crop Top Styling for Plus Size Woman

Kylie 0

Crop tops are so trendy these days that many women have it in their closet. However, for plus size women, showing some skin or showing their stomach area can be an issue. But this should not be the case. Women with curves should not have an issue with wearing these trendy cropped tops. So here are some tips on how you can wear these cropped tops if you are a plus size woman.

It should fit
Choose a crop top that fits your body and your style. These crop tops should be something you are comfortable wearing. If you are conscious about the skin showing, then you might want to choose a longer crop top. But if showing the skin is not really an issue, then there is nothing wrong with getting those midrib-length crop tops.

Also, know your size preference. There are ladies that are more comfortable getting a larger size than what their real size should be. Others preferred it to be tight-fitting with their body. Bottomline is, you should know your body and style preference. Get a top that will not make you insecure when you wear it. Remember, confidence is the key, and your best style.

Wear it with cover
If you are still conscious with the skin showing that skin, you may opt to use an oversize topper or cover. Whether you are wearing a loose crop top or tight fitting crop top, this technique can help you cover that skin. You can use an oversize flannel top, or an oversized jacket. Wear it around your waist as an accessory or use it to cover your body. These covers will lessen your problem about showing the skin, especially if you would be moving a lot that day. You do not have to compromise your choice of top with your activity. You just need to style it properly.

High waist is your best friend
Pair your top with high waisted jeans or shorts. These high waisted bottoms are your best friends because they will hide your skin but would showcase your curves. It will cover what you need to cover without compromising your style. These stylish bottoms should be part of your closet as it is a versatile piece.

You can also try pairing a crop top with an A-line skirt. Whether mid-length or a maxi skirt, you can pair this with your crop top for a more feminine style. You can adjust how you wear these skirts and make it high waisted so that it will cover all those love handles that you are trying to hide.

Overall, there is no monopoly for slim women to wear crop tops. Plus size women can wear these crop tops too. It will all boil down to how you style these tops. What is more important is that you should be comfortable with your own skin and body. Your clothes should make you feel pretty and confident. There is nothing wrong with showing some skin even if you are a woman with curves. It’s time to show those curves.