What is the SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude

SAT, an acronym for Scholastic Aptitude or Assessment Test, is developed, owned, and managed by some of the Non-profit organizations functioning in the United States. The essential moto o this examination is to judge the readiness of students who want to be admitted to foreign colleges for undergraduate programs.

A total of 3 hours is given to the students appearing for taking this examination. Students who can attain the cut-off percentage in SAT become eligible for admission to most of the universities in the United States. Quite recently, the number of student from India, who are planning to give SAT, have significantly increased. This has also resulted in the sudden hike of private classes that provide coaching services to all those giving this examination.

The grey areas

  • A student misses their life to be with their family.
  • Nowadays, boarding schools are becoming commercial.
  • This type of environment also teaches all the negative things in society.
  • Sometimes, the co-students may influence the other students to do harmful things.

Scholastic Aptitude The best candidates for boarding school

There are students for them; boarding school is the best bet in any case. Because they have certain conditions affecting their education, which only boarding school can solve.

  1. Travelling distance and time– Due to the education institution far off places so the parents decide to save time by sending them to the boarding school by sacrifice their feelings towards their kids
  2. No proper institution nearby – As everyone is not living near good or desired education institution, so they send their kids to the good or desired education institution by sending their kids to the boarding school to fulfil their dreams
  3. Addiction to gadgets – As technology is improved, we are equipped with the latest gadgets to aid our lifestyle. If it is misused by always engaged in games, videos or any other sort of virtual activities
  4. Home environment – As there could be a lot of distraction at the home through which they cannot concentrate on their studies and end up getting fewer marks in their exams, so they send their kids to the boarding school

The best boarding schools have a unique environment that would please students and prepare them for whatever larger world they are entering. They will be bold enough to face whatever comes in between their lives. Boarding School education is one of the best kind educations one can have. This type of education has its benefits.